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REVEALED:Fuel & Mining Magnate Behind Gore Film Attack In UK Email Print

British Government released the movie, An Inconvenient Truth, to be shown in schools.

One man, Mr. Dimmock, a school Governor, challenged that in court, making of course, outrageous claims of the movie.

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I Support Al Gore's Three Year Plan For Our Planet Email Print

That slow burning fire has been at the heart of Al Gore's endeavors for the last thirty years, and it is now time for the world to feel that moral strength in their own lives in order for us to be able to face the challenge of this generation and the next generation... the climate crisis.

No ultimatums, no foot stomping, no looking for him to word his sentences a certain way in order to know that his heart is firmly set to doing what he has been trying to do for thirty years. This is what he went through the fire to get to. This is the result of him looking into the abyss and seeing his soul and finding his character. And this is what many of us will see when we look into our own abyss if we dare look... The challenge of a lifetime that requires a moral strength unlike anything we have ever seen before. A moral strength that far surpasses the daily political rhetoric, and a moral strength that is sustained like a slow burning fire every day for all our lives because it is kept alive by the search for truth.

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NYT: Al Gore: Moving Beyond Kyoto/Asking Us To Be The Change Email Print

To see a global awakening that somehow enlightens the human spirit to see the moral imperative and to act on it. To see people actually giving a damn about their actions in regard to their effect not only on themselves but on the world. To see responsible governments globally that do not utilize resources for war and exacerbating the conditions that bring about war, poverty, disease, and hopelessness, but rather using them to really foster peace, prosperity, equality, and sustainability.

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What Are You Doing To Help Al Gore Solve The Climate Crisis? Email Print

The petition I have up at Tree Nation is asking people to pledge to become climate messengers in response to Al Gore's movie and book An Inconvenient Truth, and has drawn signatures from around the world of those pledging to do just that. And for every 100 signatures, Tree Nation (which is also sponsored by the UNEP) has planted a tree in Niger in their goal to plant 8 million trees in the shape of a heart.

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Open Letter To Al Gore Regarding 08 Email Print

You don't need anymore polls, anymore political rhetoric, anymore political expectations and being put under the microscope. You don't need anymore of being used as a symbol just to prop others up or to appease political operatives. You don't need anymore bickering over trivial matters like shirt colors and weight gain. What we need however, is you speaking truth to power and inspiring others to join you in this greatest fight of all. That is the mark of a true leader and a legacy worth leaving.

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Tired Of The Al Gore Speculation Email Print

Al Gore is now running the greatest campaign of his life but more importantly the greatest campaign that WE should be a part of, and yet political pundits and operatives can only see their own interests at the end of the tunnel.

I happen to believe that the preponderence of unsubstantiated political rumor put out by a media at the behest of certain interests that doesn't seem to want to educate on this crisis but only trivialize it is hurting the environmental movement as a whole because many of all political predispositions look up to Al Gore now in light of his selfless actions regarding bringing this information and solutions to the people in a grassroots effort that doesn't get nearly the airtime or attention that all of this political frivolity gets.

To me that speaks volumes about our toxic system as Mr. Gore so accurately described it, and the motives of those "advisers" who claim to support him but who clearly have other agendas at play.

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Dedication To Al Gore For Earth Day Email Print

This was originally written by me after Al Gore's appearance last year at the Chautaqua Institute in N.Y. I am repeating it because on this Earth Day this coming Sunday I will not only be reflecting on how much I love this planet and will continue to show that love, but I will also be thanking those who throughout my life gave me inspiration.

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Al Gore's Plan Goes Far Beyond What Congress Envisions Email Print

I have to be honest and state that even though I am so very grateful to Mr. Gore for appearing in front of these committees, I am very skeptical about what will come from it from the other side of that table as the only thing many of them seemed concerned about were the coal and nuclear lobbies that support them.

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Al Gore On Capitol Hill Is The Defining Moment Of His Life Email Print

For thirty years Al Gore spent his time in a beltway uncaring about a crisis that has now begun to take its toll on our only home. For thirty years he was excoriated, discredited, and made to look like a crackpot by those who placed their own self interests over the continued health and sustainability of this planet. For thirty years this man has passionately dedicated his life to warning people regarding what our behavior is doing to this Earth and that we better wake up before it is too late.

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NY Times Hit Piece On Al Gore A Sign of Desperation Email Print

I think it is time for many to ask themselves what is more important to the future of this planet and what takes precedence now in the furthering of this debate past rhetoric to action: their jealousy and hatred for Al Gore, or their love for this Earth? I personally have seen enough of the former.

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Patriots for Al Gore Announces Full Support Of Al Gore's Environmental Efforts Email Print

Patriots for Al Gore, a Federal PAC started in 2004 to support Mr. Gore's endeavors, announces its full support of Mr. Gore's environmental efforts regarding addressing the climate crisis.

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Demeaning Al Gore's Conviction Email Print

I have been reading many articles and opinions written of late (especially since the Oscar win of An Inconvenient Truth) wherein the writers of those articles are intimating that Al Gore wrote his book An Inconvenient Truth and made this most important movie for our times as just a springboard to run for president again. I say, how dare you.

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Al Gore's Work Is For the Environment, Not For Your Entertainment Email Print

If I see one more speculative article tying Mr. Gore's work on this climate crisis into some clandestine political motivation I think I will scream. It has become obvious to me through reading nothing but this politically motivated unsubstantiated rhetoric that is overshadowing the true message of this important film, that many Americans in this country seem to be nothing but distracted, shallow, lazy people who are more dazzled by hype than substance. It then also validates every word Mr. Gore has stated up to this point regarding this toxic system and the uninformed Americans who place such a shallow value on an effort that transcends their petty political desires.

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Al Gore Is A Global Inspiration! Email Print

Al Gore is planning a worldwide concert in seven cities across all continents this July 7 to raise awareness of the global climate crisis and to seek action on it from the world community. It is a huge undertaking that I honestly believe should be bigger news than it is in certain circles. But I suppose with all of the political speculation in the media sucking the air out of the real discussion that should be taking place now, it is no surprise that this isn't being recognized as a worthwhile event based on its merits by many in the blogosphere or the mainstream media. Well, I think that is about to change and I am certainly going to play this up, because I think this is a fanatastic idea for our planet.

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To Al Gore: An Open And Honest Letter Email Print

Dear Mr. Gore,

I have defended your words and supported your endeavors for the last 18 years and will continue to do so because I not only see you as a man who cares about our planet, but a man who also cares for its inhabitants. Which is why I am writing this to you openly and honestly, because I wish to ask you to not run for President in 2008... Not in this current toxic system. In all honesty, you're too good for it, and I think it would take you away from your true destiny.

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