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Update:  A much shorter version of my investigative report appeared in Mother Jones, Dec 2005. This the full-length version. further not: The National Christian Foundation is now the 29th largest charitiable foundation in the US according to the Chronicle of Philanthropy's just released report, the Philanthropy 400.

 "When you choose to work with the National Christian Foundation, you get a partner that shares your Biblical perspective on giving...We teach [donors] valuable ways to invest dollars into God's Kingdom, rather than surrender whose dollars to the federal government"--The National Christian Foundation

Tucked between two large hospital complexes on the northern perimeter of Atlanta's vast sprawl is the largest and least known single financial delivery system to the Christian Right.

Since its founding nearly twenty-five years ago, the National Christian Charitable Foundation--AKA The National Christian Foundation-- has become the leading financial delivery system to the Religious Right, having channeled nearly $1 billion to ministries, conservative think tanks and political activists around the country and overseas.  NCF operates so far under the public radar that even its hometown newspaper, the Atlanta Constitution, has never featured them in an article.

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