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How Can U.S. Achieve Credibility While Ignoring Iraqi Deaths? Email Print

One of the grave tragedies of our times is how Iraqi deaths receive no accountability.  This occurs at the point where President Obama and others hold the U.S. out as a major source to achieve global stability.  

The question is this:  How can the U.S. hold itself out as a guardian of peace and security when the subject of Iraqi deaths extending from that first "shock and awe" aerial assault to the present is ignored?  

It should be recalled that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld sought to assure Americans that newly developed U.S. "smart bombs" would penetrate the forces of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein but would bypass Iraq's citizenry.

As for the U.S. dodging accountability, a comment made by General Colin Powell in the aftermath of the earlier Gulf War is instructive for the tragedy of avoiding responsibility that it denotes.

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Abraham Lincoln Declared "United We Stand, Divided We Fall" Email Print

Now that we have fallen as the world's leading economic giant, the burning question is why has the U.S. fallen into a crushing deficit?

First and foremost, we ignored the winged warning of former President Dwight D. Eisenhower to beware of the unwarranted influence of the military-industrial complex.

Conducting wars has proven to be such a money maker for every industry of the gigantic U.S. war machine.  It appears that the U.S. is now locked into a perpetual war machine mentality.  The airplane industry is making billions supplying the latest aviation technical expertise.  The oil services company Halliburton has made billions for their war services in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Vietnam War was a fiasco where almost 60,000 U.S. service personnel lost their lives, based upon the false fears that if Vietnam fell under Communist rule, a domino effect would take place and all of Asia would ultimately fall into the Red orbit.  

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Republicans Invented the Race Card Email Print

Republicans have been charging Jimmy Carter and Nancy Pelosi of injecting the race card into the current political discussion regarding the current Teabag Movement.

Once more Republicans are engaging in blatant hypocrisy.  After all, Republicans invented the race card.

It was launched as a means of regaining power in the mid-sixties.  This occurred after President Lyndon B. Johnson, the first Southerner to become president since the Reconstruction, conceded to associates that his active leadership in the civil rights field, culminating with passage of the landmark 1964 Civil Rights Bill and the 1965 Voting Rights Act, meant loss of the South for Democrats for the next 50 years.

The Republicans under Richard Nixon devised a "law and order" and "Southern strategy" campaign.  Lee Atwater later admitted that his participation in this and subsequent Republican efforts to win the South involved using these code terms to signal voters regarding what they were really talking about -- civil rights.

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Give Iraq Back to the Iraqis! Email Print

It can never be forgotten that the reason why the United States invaded Iraq was a lie involving international criminal conduct for which the perpetrators have not been brought to justice.

It can never be forgotten that Iraq's tyrannical dictator, Saddam Hussein, that George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and others in a neoconservative administration pursuing a New World Order were hell bent on removing since he allegedly posed a "nuclear threat" to America, had been placed in power by the same Central Intelligence Agency that was later run by Bush's father.

It can never by forgotten that Bush's father, George H. W. Bush, in conjunction with the New World Order and Carlyle Group that he has so notably served, launched a war against the same Saddam Hussein that to whom the U.S. provided weaponry and scientific wherewithal so that poison gas was able to be manufactured that had been used to kill Kurds in Iraq's northern provinces.

It can never be forgotten that Donald Rumsfeld concluded one of those agreements for the Reagan administration and was pictured with Saddam Hussein.  Both were smiling.  This was the same period when genocide was conducted against the Kurds.  When it came time for a power grab Bush the Elder referred to Saddam as "worse than Hitler."  

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Will the Bush Legacy be Iraq Sectarian Slaughter? Email Print

The skyrocketing death toll in Iraq climbs to, some estimates claim, 250,000 Iraqi civilians dead.  2,973 U.S. service personnel are dead and over 20,000 have been injured.  CBS-TV used to show the faces of U.S. service personnel who died in Iraq as a memorial tribute.  

Why was this news feature eliminated?  Could it be as the death toll of U.S. service personnel mounted, it was decided for political reasons that the practice be stopped?

When Dan Rather was banished from CBS Nightly News, Bob Schieffer was a temporary replacement until Little Mary Sunshine accepted her multi-million deal to provide balance, so to speak, to CBS Nightly News.

Katie Kouric's balancing act included in her first wonderful week interviews with Thomas Friedman, George Bush, and Rush Limbaugh.  The balance stemmed from Friedman being perceived as a "liberal".

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The Republican Gang That Couldn't Loot Straight Email Print

President Bush and his Administration have been tragically misleading us.  Among the more blatant and destructive courses in this direction has been the infamous war promotion fear campaign with the "weapons of mass destruction" high voltage propaganda pitch.  

This was geared to strike fear, to rev the American public into a "fight or die" war frame.  Once the truth was revealed, once much of Iraq's infrastructure was destroyed, was there an apology for this deadly deception?

Not on your life!  The "Saddam was a bad man and we got rid of him" message was declared.  Nothing was mentioned as to why, if Saddam Hussein was such a bad man, did Daddy President Bush ask for that $3 billion loan to help Saddam buy foodstuffs during the elder president's first two years?

Then, suddenly, when we had announced we would not do anything about Saddam invading Kuwait, when Iraq felt fully justified in stopping Kuwait's oil steal through slant drilling, the Elder Bush went to war in the Gulf.

With righteous indignation, the U.S. rallied allies and the coalition managed to kill Iraqis running across the desert, many with their hands up begging to be taken prisoners, anything to escape from Saddam - a man the U.S. had supported for years with a "weapons buffet".

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