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Inside The #1 Religious Right Money Machine Email Print

Update:  A much shorter version of my investigative report appeared in Mother Jones, Dec 2005. This the full-length version. further not: The National Christian Foundation is now the 29th largest charitiable foundation in the US according to the Chronicle of Philanthropy's just released report, the Philanthropy 400.

 "When you choose to work with the National Christian Foundation, you get a partner that shares your Biblical perspective on giving...We teach [donors] valuable ways to invest dollars into God's Kingdom, rather than surrender whose dollars to the federal government"--The National Christian Foundation

Tucked between two large hospital complexes on the northern perimeter of Atlanta's vast sprawl is the largest and least known single financial delivery system to the Christian Right.

Since its founding nearly twenty-five years ago, the National Christian Charitable Foundation--AKA The National Christian Foundation-- has become the leading financial delivery system to the Religious Right, having channeled nearly $1 billion to ministries, conservative think tanks and political activists around the country and overseas.  NCF operates so far under the public radar that even its hometown newspaper, the Atlanta Constitution, has never featured them in an article.

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This Week in Blogging the Religious Right -- Mitt Romney Edition Email Print

This week, Massachussetts Governor Mitt Romney is a focus of blogs that report on the religious right due to discussion of the Boston Globe investigation of his effort to egage no-profit, tax-exempt Mormon institutions in Utah in the early stages of his campaign for president. He also was the featured speaker at the grimly gay-bashing Liberty Sunday telecast, hosted by the Family Research Council.

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Christian Right Seeks "Pink Purge" of GOP Congressional Staff Email Print

Ever since the Foley scandal -- in which top GOP House leaders covered up the pedophilic activities of Rep.Mark Foley (R-FL), the Christian Right has been trying to change the subejct.  And like the Vatican, when faced with a similar situation a few years ago, they are trying to blame it on homosexuality, and shift the focus away from those those who evidently enabled  and covered-up for those who abused children under their care.

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This Week in Blogging the Religious Right -- Framing Edition Email Print

The blogosphere never disappoints when it comes to keeping tabs on the religous right.  This week was no exception.  

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This Week in Blogging the Religious Right -- Mark Foley Edition Email Print

This week's round-up of things religious right from the Greater Blogosphere is a few days late, but not at all short of remarkable and significant posts.

The Daily Kos

Writing specifically about the religious right seems to be becoming a trend at The Daily Kos.

The American Prophet suggests that there is political gold in old Christian Coalition voter guides. He notes that Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL) who resigned in disgrace at the first sign his long career of soliciting sex with Congressional pages was about to be exposed -- recieved an 84% rating from the Christian Coalition; Disgraced former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-TX) 92% and Rep. Randy "Duke"Cunningham, who is in jail for bribery, 100%.

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This Week in Blogging the Religious Right: Values Voters Summit Edition Email Print

This Week in Blogging the Religious Right features several reports from last weekend's hair raising Values Voters Summit, in Washington, DC, hosted by Tony Perkins' Family Research Council and James Dobson's political action group, Focus on the Family Action.

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Religious Freedom, the Religious Right, and the Supreme Court Email Print

Melissa Rogers has an important piece at about Justice Sunday, religious freedom and the Supreme Court that effectively answers some of the aggressive Christian nationalist notions of the contemporary dominionist movement.

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What's Up with Tony Perkins? Email Print

Blogger DefCon Clark thinks there's "somthing fishy going on" regarding the next Justice Sunday. You remember -- those rallies organized by Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council and James Dobson of Focus on the Family in favor of Bush's most extreme judicial nominees.  But for all the appearances of a raw exercise of power, all may not be as it seems.

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