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Open Letter to David Cameron on Freedom of Speech, Government Surveillance and What to Do Email Print

About the Author: Matthew Jones is an elected BitShares delegate.  BitShares allows for stable cryptocurrency trading

Dear David Cameron,

You recently claimed that certain forms of modern communication cannot be allowed to happen in private.  I wanted to let you know that writing was invented over five thousand years ago and speaking, privately or publicly, predates writing by hundreds of thousands of years.  There is nothing modern about private communication.  What is modern, are high literacy rates and the Internet.  High literacy rates mean people communicate though writing much more than they used to.  The Internet facilitates written communication, identifies the communicators, and due to the nature of writing, keeps a record of it.

This gives governments the ability to monitor their citizen's communication on mass for the first time.  Ever.

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Tips for voters and new voters - IA and CO have same-day Register-and-vote. Email Print

The reason every vote counts, even yours, is that several races are much tighter than some reporting tells you, so the Senate majority will be at stake. (Today, Chuck Todd said, "Republicans in Iowa are starting to worry". That's because the turnout #s and last week's early voting so far are not reassuring to GOP, as they cannibalized their Election Day voters, just to gin up the EV #s.)  Another state, Alaska also has had mixed polling signals, and has reported EV#s encouraging to Dems, a possible boost in a surprising state.

IOWA polls are open to 9:00.

If you're young or you're old, and not yet registered - note that any Iowa potential voter can register and vote even on Election Day. If you reside in Iowa and are a US citizen you need to select from one of these documents in order to Register:   - a photo ID that is current and contains an expiration date that is either:

  an out-of-state driver's license or non-driver card (for proof of identity),

or an Iowa driver's license,

or student ID from an Iowa high school or Iowa college,

or employer ID card,
US military card,
or US passport.

If the document above does not show your current Iowa address then you can use one of these documents to prove your address in Iowa: cell phone bill or utility bill, residential lease, bank statement, paycheck, government check or other government document.

If you don't have these documents to demonstrate your identity / residency, another registered voter from your precinct can attest for you.  You and the attester will both sign written oaths to accomplish this.

Polls stay open TIL  9 pm, in IOWA

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Place your Early Vote (or Absentee): NC, GA Email Print

Here are tips to bank your rightful vote in your state.

For NORTH CAROLINA, Early Voting is available through Saturday 11/1, until 1 p.m. at many sites, each county. Check the link to list below [a couple of centers close at noon].

Bank your vote ahead at one of the vote centers in your county – so you don't get caught up in the "precinct shuffle" (disqualifying shenanigans) that can happen on Election Day.

Click to reach the interactive map, and List of early voting sites, with hours.


The printed list is organized by county, and the order is semi-alphabetical, not fully alphabetized. (Some Brunswick and Mecklenburg come lower than Yancy, at the bottom, for example).

During early voting, you can vote at ANY early vote center in your county. This is an advantage: it can be better than on Election Day, where if election officials switch or move your precinct assignment (sometimes there are different precincts at different tables in the same building for voting), they will disqualify your vote for voting in the "wrong precinct".

So I recommend early voting.

1 thing you need to know.

ID:  It's not needed in 2014 in No. Carolina. But poll worker in 2014 will ask about it anyway.

In 2014, the poll worker will ask you for ID, but this year you can say, I didn't bring ID, and you can vote anyway in 2014. This is important!  So know the rules, and the bureaucratic procedure you'll encounter!

= = = =
In Georgia -- Friday was the last day to request an absentee ballot -- at the County Registrar's office -- or to head to an Early vote center to cast an early in-person vote.  For in-person voting or early voting in Georgia, a strict voter photo ID rule applies. Some counties have Early voting open Friday, see list of early voting sites, and hours, here.

To return an absentee ballot to the County Registrar, if you already supplied identifying info when you registered, you generally don't need to supply ID documents again.
[List of County Registrars can be found here].

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Info to Early vote - in GA, NC, COLO - Some locations have Sunday (10/26) voting Email Print

Here are some resources to find availability, and hours, of vote centers to use for early voting, and info about voter ID for:
  • -  North Carolina
  • -  Georgia
  • -  Colorado
N CAROLINA.  As shown in next post, a handy list with interactive map gives the locations by county. (A bunch have Sunday (10/26) early vote centers open.)
 ID in North Carolina will be asked for, but does not need to be shown until the 2016 election, except for some 1st-time voters whose identifying information wasn't verified with registration.

The early voting advantage is this -- you can vote at any center in your county during the early vote period to have your vote counted. Votes will not be disqualified for being "out of precinct."

GEORGIA.  In a few places you can find the locations for early voting. I've found a list here  
[ g-locations ] – with dates and hours for Bibb County, Chatham, Clayton, Cobb, DeKalb, Douglas, Dougherty, Fulton, Gwinnett, Hall, Henry, Muscogee, and Richmond.

The list shows some with Sunday (10/26) early voting, at some of the locations in >> Chatham County, Clayton, DeKalb, Fulton, and Richmond.

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Early Vote (now!) in North Carolina. Here's handy county Location list, map and Hours. Email Print

Early voting started Thursday. Bank your vote ahead at one of the vote centers in your county – so you don't get caught up in the "precinct shuffle" (disqualifying shenanigans) that can happen on Election Day.

Click below to see link to interactive map, with hours.


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Caskets Los Angeles Email Print

Nobody expects to organize the funeral of a loved one who has died. The funeral is a process that helps to comfort those who are "left behind" and celebrate the life of someone special. It is also a time of emotional stress, uncertainty and financial decisions - situations that only increase the confusion in a difficult time. In some cases, you will be able to see their loved ones for burial instructions, and in other cases, the decision will be left to do what you think your family member wanted. You can also see that the wishes of the deceased were not at all what I expected.

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Today, you have more choices than ever when looking for the perfect breast, and then I suggest you sit down and talk with the funeral director and ask them to explain the options. Most of the time the funeral will have a room on the chest can help show the differences between the coffins, and all the options you can add to your order coffin. When it is ultimately the only thing you have to remember is to choose the box you think is best for your family, never let a funeral director or any other person trying to buy a coffin n is not are happy. After finding the perfect coffin to honor loved, you can relax knowing that you did what his heart was the best, and this is the most important. caskets los angeles is the best option to you that have specializes in outstanding customer service, tremendous selection, and fast, reliable delivery - trust us to help you manage what can be a difficult process.


Top Casket Vendors - California Email Print

As there are many funeral caskets makers available now, you have to select the best one for your home funeral and its service. They are used to do dissimilar caskets in various materials, different colors and many more. Once you have planned to buy casket approach them and find as per requirement. Before go to one maker refer the other makers also for getting cheap caskets as the price differ from one another. Get nice one for the funeral. There are many funeral services available and you can contact them over phone. In websites also you can find caskets for sale los angeles california and order them for funeral service.

If you are living in Los Angeles then for you is the main website where you can book the caskets los angeles service order for funeral, the service is good and it's the best way for funerals. The providers plan and make the required setups for manufacture the Discount Caskets for Sale LA and California. Based upon the person, the artwork and other streamers are done in the casket. The casket that people choose is of various types, materials, colors, size and with different decorations and artwork. People do not mind about the expense for the funeral and it will be alternatives to costco and walmart caskets. You should be careful in getting caskets, it should be cheap but the quality should be good. As all know there should not be anything happen in the funeral due to casket like damage and many more, so check before buy it.


Favorites to win 2014 Masters Email Print

Golf is a rare sport that pits individuals against one another in a skill, understanding of the course, and risk game. In golf every single decision can make the difference between success and failure. As a result, even with top contenders, golf remains an exciting and challenging sport both for the player and for those watching it.

One of the biggest tournaments of the year is coming, The Masters in Augusta. When it comes to the Masters odds, there are a few favorite contenders that despite all the uncertainty continue to shine and stand above the rest of the pack. Let us take a quick look at who is favored to win. Regardless of whether or not you are Masters betting, the picks below will cover all likely contenders.

1. The Old Champion

A few years ago, figuring out the masters odds would have been as simple as saying a single name, Tiger Woods. When at the top of his game, Tiger Woods played with unmatched skill and determination, claiming many wins across Golf. In recent years, he has fallen out of favor as other golfers have risen to challenge the sport.

2. A Younger Alternative

Where as Tiger Woods shined much earlier, Phil Mickelson has made a much more recent splash with consecutive golf wins. Combining creativity on the fairway with some truly remarkable and memorable shots, Phil Mickelson has made his way onto this list of possible 2014 winners. However, like Tiger Woods, Mickelson has fallen flat over the past few years but his talents keep him in the running. We have a new star rising, Rory McIlroy is favorite to win The Masters 2014.

3. One Striving for Recognition

Sometimes, things never work out. This has happened in gold a lot, where truly skilled players never seem to catch their break and bring home a Masters. Out of the list of potential 2014 Masters odds, only Rory Mcllroy comes close to unseating both Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, despite never having won a Masters before. With years of experience and bad luck, 2014 may be the year that Rory McIlroy breaks away from the others to secure a magnificent win. When it comes to Masters Odds, other people surely think so.

The above three golfers represent the top picks for the 2014 Masters. Between the three of them is a significant amount of skill and determination, sure to make this upcoming game both exciting and challenging. Until then, good luck placing your bets and may the best person win!

Check out the current masters betting odds to see who is the favorite right now.


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FTC Funeral Rule Email Print

Caskets are the one that can express your condolences and compassion to your dear ones who passed away. It will be painful for you if your much-loved friend or relative is no longer with you. The FTC passed the Funeral Rule in 1995 which allows consumers to supply their own funeral goods. But it is not easy to get the casket within a day. At this time, are you looking for a casket company to purchase top quality caskets california? Sameday Caskets is the best company you can trust because they specialize in providing a large selection of Caskets Los Angeles. SameDayCaskets is the best when it comes to Caskets Los Angeles.

SameDay Caskets specializes in outstanding customer service, tremendous selection, and fast, reliable delivery - trust them to help you manage what can be a difficult process. They have hundreds of caskets available in a wide range of styles, for all budgets: 18 and 20 gauge steel caskets, elegant hardwood, and affordable veneer options. In caskets for sale los angeles fast delivery is guaranteed. Here more number of caskets is available like metal, ceramic, stainless steel etc. Here caskets for sale is fully in free shipping in Casket California. Select a casket from thousands of designs by visiting their website By purchasing a casket from Sameday Caskets, you can save an enormous amount of money.


Chris Christie. The Governor (of the National Pork Producers Council, Iowa) Email Print

Why did Chris Christie veto the agriculture bill to ban the farming practice that confines pregnant sows inside narrow, immobilizing "gestation crates"? Does it owe to Iowa being first-in-the-nation to hold its voting caucus for the Presidential nomination, in 2016? Iowa is the No. 1 hog producing state.

In May, the Des Moines based National Pork Producers Council (NPCC) contacted governor Christie and instructed him to not let the bill become law. The bill to ban the inhumane caging of pregnant sows passed the New Jersey legislature overwhelmingly in the spring, by votes of 60 - 5 in the Assembly and 29 - 4 in the state Senate.


  The 2' x 7' cages for breeding sows are too narrow to permit the animals to turn around freely.  They are widely regarded as inhumane confinement. Supporting the assembly and Senate vote, a survey of New Jerseyans (Mason-Dixie) has 91% in favor of ending the practice, 4% opposed.

Christie vetoed the bill in June. Two months later, he vetoed 3 gun-control measures, one he had first proposed himself — after the lobby group Pro-Gun New Hampshire sent warnings they were watching him on these bills. (More info on the gun vetoes here.)

Increasingly, Christie will govern with an eye to Iowa and New Hampshire, instead of his own state interests.

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Casket Store Los Angeles Email Print

Without a doubt, whenever we know someone close to us has passed away, we must feel bad and sad. We will start remembering about the goodness he or she has done during the life. Well, it is really understandable for you to feel that way. But there is nothing you can do more. What you need to focus now is how to provide proper funeral for that person so you can pay your last respect to the person. Yes, indeed, there are so many things that you need to prepare for the funeral. You should also let the other people know about this obituary. First thing you need to do is to get the casket. And for this matter, there is no better way for you to but to go to the Casket Store. If you think it will be too much trouble for you to give the store a visit, we are talking about the regular store, you can try buy caskets online california.

It will be so much easier and also simpler. However, you might still find it quite troublesome to get the casket because it is offered at expensive price. How to Save on Caskets then? Is it possible for you to do that? Of course, it is really possible. There are some tips you might want to try. The first is to get the casket which is made of cheap material and choose the one which does not have complicated design. This kind of casket should be cheaper than the others. And the second tip is that you should go to the Casket Manufacturer. You can surely find how the caskets at casket store los angeles there are so much more affordable. Don't you think it will help you to save some money but at the same time, you are also able to hold proper funeral?


House: a Majority in name only. Is John Boehner Speaker in name only (SPINO)? Email Print

Let's face facts. When the votes were counted in November 2012, Democrats running for the House collected 1.7 million more votes than Republicans. For Democratic members, the ballots totaled 60.2 million and for Republican members, 58.5 million. (see link, pdf pg 15)

So it's fair to ask: is John Boehner of Ohio a SPINO, a Speaker in Name only?

The House majority from 2012 was manufactured almost entirely from the gerrymanders rammed through statehouses in 2010 that sent more R's than D's to the Capitol to take seats in the House of Representatives, 234-201.

The House is supposed to be proportional representation. It's not.

Vote counts by party for House of Representatives, 2012

HR result  

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Will Boehner get rid of premium rebates? Email Print

In August, insurers who overbilled subscribers in 2012 refunded $504 million. The rebates are required by law by the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

From the Twin Cities Pioneer Press, Aug. 5:

Next round of health insurance rebate checks going out

by Christopher Snowbeck

In two years, St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral in Minneapolis has received nearly $25,000 in rebates from its health insurance company.

The rebate checks have been so large that they cover nearly all of the cost of the church's feeding ministries, said Sally Cuningham, a lay leader with the church.

"Our Sunday night supper costs us about $8,000 per year -- just for that one feeding," Cuningham said during a news conference Monday at the state Capitol. "And that's just one of the three ministries."

Cuningham joined U.S. Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., at the St. Paul news conference timed to coincide with the mailing of rebate checks, which were scheduled to be sent by Aug. 1.

The federal health care law of 2010 created the rebate rule, which requires certain insurance companies to spend at least 80 cents of every premium dollar on patient care and quality improvement. If too much of the premium dollar goes to other things, insurers must issue consumer rebates.

The full list by state is published here at website (pdf page)

The rebates vary by state. Here are some for individual subscribers (not in a group employer plan).

 - In FLA, 300,000 covered individuals get a rebate check averaging $164 per family ($40 million to individual households in Fla.)

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