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The Myth of the Free Market Email Print

The Myth of the Free Market
by Craig Barnes

Millions of Americans are today unemployed because the free market is not working for them. Millions of Americans have lost their homes because the free market did not work for them or for the banks.  Before the health care bill passed last January millions could not get health care because the free market worked for them when they were healthy but often did not work at all when they needed care.

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The Glory of White-Wing Politics Email Print

"Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress...but then, I repeat myself."~~Mark Twain

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Slim, Gates and Spain pledge $150m to fight disease Email Print

Two of the world's richest men and the Spanish government have pledged $150m (£101.7m) to battle disease and improve health in Central America and Mexico. Carlos Slim and Bill Gates are to fund a project jointly with Spain aimed at improving nutrition and maternal health and fighting dengue fever and malaria. The two men and Spain's Princess Cristina announced the project in the Mexican capital, Mexico City. The project also aims to reduce infant mortality and boost vaccination rates.

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Even One of These Little Ones... Email Print

"Going to church no more makes you a Christian than sleeping in your garage makes you a car."~~Garrison Keiler

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Keep the Change... Email Print

Change is the process by which the future invades our lives~~Alvin Toffler, "Future Shock"
Each time it appears that Republicans can't get any nastier, any more bereft of morality, they wrap themselves in the flag, grab their guns and Bibles, and manage once again to hit the bottom of the ethical barrel. A good example is Ben Smith's recent startling revelation in, which exposed the dirty tricks Republican National Committee (RNC) operatives were planning to play, not only on Democrats in the upcoming elections -- but on their own donors. Smith writes...

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Was it Tina Fey all Along? Email Print

I’ve been thinking. What if there is no such person as Sarah Palin? What if it’s been Tina Fey all along, and it’s all been nothing more than a monumental hoax perpetrated by Al Franken’s former cohorts over at "Saturday Night Live?"

What if.

The whole Sarah Palin circus is no joke, however. And while many of the pundits and political analysts are treating her as such, it would be dangerous, I believe, to dismiss her out-of-hand. It’s a hard thing to ask of anyone who has watched and listened to her, especially at length, I know; but if you can get past the farcicality of it all, that this woman would actually consider herself a serious, viable candidate for anything (or that anyone else would!), there are definitely red flags on the horizon.

My reasoning is simple (and here I’m going to paraphrase the message printed on the T-shirt I’m wearing at the moment; as written, even though true, it comes across as a bit more harsh than what I’m comfortable with) to wit: "Never underestimate the power of ‘intellectually challenged’ people in large groups."

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Obama, Vietnam, and Afghanistan Email Print

I've spent a good part of the last week re-reading Neil Sheehan's book, A Bright Shining Lie: John Paul Vann and America in Vietnam. Partly, this is just happenstance; I found a nicely annotated hardback copy in a local used book store. But it's also because I wanted to look again at the 1962-64 period of the Vietnam War to see how much it resembles our current situation in Afghanistan. I don't have good news to report.

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Seeds of Truth Email Print

What better weapon is there to use against starving populations than food?

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You can be paranoid too Email Print

The H1N1 vaccine is being spread around the nation, free of charge, in limited doses. If the internet is any indicator, people have decided to freak out about it.

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How to Write a 10,000 Words University Dissertation in a Week? Email Print

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Somebodies and Nobodies: Understanding Rankism Email Print

What is rankism? First, some examples; then, a definition.

An executive pulls into valet parking, late to a business lunch, and finds no one to take his car. He spots a teenager running towards him and yells, "Where the hell were you? I haven't got all day."

He tosses the keys on the pavement. Bending to pick them up, the boy says, "Sorry, sir. About how long do you expect to be?"

The executive hollers over his shoulder, "You'll know when you see me, won't you?" The valet winces, but holds his tongue.

Postscript: That evening the teenager bullies his kid brother.

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President Obama's Politics of Dignity Email Print

America is broken. Even if we pull through the current economic crisis, recovery won't last absent an overhaul of our primary institutions.
  • One out of ten Americans is now unemployed and the recovery is expected to be jobless.
  • Fifty million Americans have no health insurance; two million, no home.
  • Two million Americans are in jail.
  • Our public schools have fallen behind those of most developed nations.
  • Higher education is priced out of reach of the middle class.
  • Our infrastructure is in an advanced state of disrepair.
  • We rank first in greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Immigration, once our pride, is now our shame.
  • We're living on credit and leaving the debt to our children.

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Investigating Torture: An Interview With Former Federal Prosecutor Elizabeth de la Vega Email Print

Photobucket The topic below was originally posted on my blog, the Intrepid Liberal Journal.

Former federal prosecutor Elizabeth de la Vega has recently made news urging that we don't rush into appointing a special prosecutor to investigate crimes of torture during George W. Bush's presidency. In a provocative April 20th post entitled "Of Black Holes and Radio Silence," Ms. de la Vega wrote:

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"Send flowers to India" Email Print

Florist in India offers currency converter policy is an exciting feature. They accept all credit cards, which will be automatically converted into the Indian currency & will be charged to the credit card.

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Doesn't anybody want to know why Americans weren't allowed to build they're own Embassy in Baghdad? Email Print

  I am an American resident currently working
in Africa, I keep reading about Americans
losing they're jobs and it's been going on
for a while. I was in Iraq for over a year
and I saw some things there that every
American tradesman or manager should know

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