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Okay, so my Prius rocks 50MPG on a daily basis, but I'd still consider a trade.  Say... for this car.

Why am I interested in this little white 2 seater?  Because it's projected to get 330 MPG that's why.

Bring in this car, and forget the oil crisis.

Accelerated Composites is a small company located in Carlsbad, NM.  As the name might indicate, they specialize in producing composite materials, and have a new technique that they claim allows them to prodice composites that are both stronger and cheaper.

By pairing this technology with a diesel-electric hybrid, they plan to build a car that:

o Cost less than $20,000
o Has a top speed of 90 MPH
o Gets 330 MPG

Of course, this isn't the first company to make such claims and they're still in the "building a prototype" stage, but if you want to get in line, you'll have to stand behind me.


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...and sensible, too? Bring it on!

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