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From the Desk of David T. Harris

***Disclaimer - I ONLY agree with him on this one issue and I still think he slithers when he moves. With that being said, read on..

I can't believe it, but I actually agree with Rick Santorum..."key provisions in the NIH Reform Bill missing... that are critical....Center of Excellence for Environmental Causes..." Joe Barton is holding the Combating Autism Act of 2006 hostage in Congress because he wants to pass the NIH Reform Bill in the Senate without language pertaining to investigating environmental causes.

In the three part series of videos, Rick Santorum stands his ground against Joe Barton and basically calls Barton a liar - which he is, but we will get to that later...

In Part One Santorum lays out the key differences between Barton's NIH Reform Bill that is in the Senate and the Combating Autism Act that he now holds hostage.

Part Two is Barton trying to counter Santorum.

And Part Three is when Santorum just crushes Barton's argument and tells him he is basically full of it.

This issue is not about politics, it is about children. Barton knows that if the Center for Environmental Excellence mandates that the NIH investigates the environmental concerns surrounding Autism that most of his corporate donor list might be held accountable for making children sick. That is why he is fighting it and playing political poker with the Combating Autism Act. He is a disgrace to the district and a disgrace to Congress.

I need everyone out there the get behind the movement and bombard Barton's office between now and the election with calls. Here's how:

The Energy and Commerce Committee
        2125 Rayburn House Office Building
        Washington, DC 20515
        (202) 225-2927
        Washington Office

        2109 Rayburn Building
        Washington, DC 20515
        (202) 225-2002
        (202) 225-3052 fax

        Arlington Office
        6001 West I-20, Suite 200
        Arlington, Texas 76017
        (817) 543-1000
        (817) 548-7029 fax

        Ennis Office
        2106 A W. Ennis Ave.
        Ennis, Texas 75119
        (817) 543-1000
        (972) 875-1907 fax

        Crockett Office
        303 N. 6th St.
        Crockett, TX 75835
        (936) 544-8488

        (877) 263-2833 Toll free from areas in the Sixth District

This is what happens to you when you try to meet with your "representative" if you have an Autistic child (Note: This guy is a registered Republican and a Barton donor)

Warning: This video will piss you off - hopefully enough for you to pick up the phone!!!

As you can see, Barton really doesn't care about Autism, its causes, or the families that it affects. His staffers lie right to the face of the gentleman in the video.

These are the members from Texas who have signed onto the bill. Barton is mysteriously absent...go figure.


    Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (TX)
    Sen. John Cornyn (TX)
    Rep. Green, Gene (TX-29)
    Rep. Gonzalez, Charles A. (TX-20)
    Rep. Jackson-Lee, Sheila (TX-18)
    Rep. Neugebauer, Randy (TX-19)
    Rep. Ortiz, Solomon P. (TX-27)
    Rep. Poe, Ted (TX-2)
    Rep. Reyes, Silvestre (TX-16)
    Rep. Sessions, Pete (TX-32)

See if your member of Congress or Senate co-sponsored the bill here.

For more information about Autism you can visit Combat Autism or the folks at Autism Speaks

Autism Advocacy - see our good friends at Wapum.

Or to see the faces of Autism, please visit the The Imus Show Blog

This is a call to action. Please help us keep the pressure on Barton.

Get calling now!

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