Tom Reynolds' Chief of Staff, Kirk Fordham Resigns Over Foley Scandal Email Print

As a result of recent ugly revelations reverberating through the offices of NRCC Chairman Tom Reynolds (R-NY-26) and the rest of the Republican House leadership, Tom Reynolds' Chief of Staff, Kirk Fordham has been forced to resign.

According to a senior Republican official in Washington, Fordham, in the spring of 2006, promised both Rep. John Shimkus, the chairman of the page board as well as a staff member in Speaker Dennis Hastert's office, that he would make sure Foley kept his nose clean. Fordham had spent ten years as Foley's chief of staff and is one of his closest friends. He was acting here in two capacities: as a representative of Reynolds, the chair of the campaign committee, and as a friend to Foley.

His assurances were enough to prevent Hastert's staff from recommending any further action. Shimkus decided not to inform the full page board in part because of Fordham's intercession, according to these sources.

But as you might suspect, the BUCK DOES NOT STOP THERE... Developing...

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