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Detroit HARDBALL!!  December 4, 2006
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Written and edited by Mike Madias
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Ethnic cleansing in Baghdad
By Mike Madias

From the Associated Press November 24, 2006

"257 injured in militant attack -- BAGHDAD, Iraq -- Five car bombs and two mortar rounds struck the capital's Shi'ite Sadr City slum Thursday, killing at least 161 people and wounding 257, police said. The attack by suspected Sunni Arab militants was the deadliest on a sectarian enclave since the war began. . . Three suicide bombers blew up their vehicles at 15-minute intervals, hitting two [open air public]markets . . . At about the same time, two mortar rounds exploded [at the same markets] . . . Two other cars packed with explosives also blew up. . .

"Soon after, Shi'ite militants fired 10 mortar rounds at the Sunnis' holiest shrine in Baghdad, the Abu Hanifa mosque, killing one person and wounding 14. A 3-foot hole was blown in the dome and some rooms were damaged.  Eight mortar rounds slammed into the top Sunni organization in Iraq, the Association of Muslim Scholars, but there were no casualties, police said.

"Also, 30 Sunni insurgents with machine guns and mortar rounds attacked the Shi'ite-controlled Health Ministry. The attackers were driven back after Iraqi soldiers and U.S. military helicopters intervened. At least seven ministry guards were wounded, police said."

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Detroit is a sports town. So, here is the play by play analysis:

  1. At the beginning of the day a public market in a Shi'ite portion of Baghdad was attacked when Sunni suicide bombers blew up five car bombs and what was left of the shopping area sustained artillery fire [2 mortar rounds] from Sunni batteries.

  2. Not to be outdone, Shi'ite artillery batteries retaliated by firing 18 mortar rounds at a Sunni mosque and related buildings.

  3. As if this was not enough mayhem for one day, 30 well armed Sunni raiders armed with mortars and AK-47s shot up an office building full of medical people; doctors and administrators.  Seven were wounded.

When the smoke cleared and the corpses were all counted; the judges had to give a clear advantage for the Sunni team.

But the season is not over yet, and this team rivalry of Sunni and Shia denominations of Islam is 1400 years old.  

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The conflict between Shia and Sunni Islam denominations dates back to the date when Muhammad died.  There was a disagreement over who should succeed the Prophet.  There were two competing factions of Islam.  One became the Shi'ite denomination, the other became the Sunni.  That's it.  More than a millennium of bloodshed and suffering, and it all started with a political matter.

Overall, 80 percent of the world's Islamic population is of the Sunni persuasion, and about 15 percent are Shi'ite. These militant members of each sect have absolutely no tolerance for those of the other sect.  There are decrees admonishing the faithful of one to kill the infidels of the other.

The Saudi's; Al Qaeda; Saddam's Baathists; and Palestinian Hamas [from Gaza] are Sunni.  

The majority of Iranians; the plurality of the population [and army and legislative representatives] of Iraq; and Palestinian Hezbollah [from Southern Lebanon] are Shi'ite.

What we are encountering in Iraq is a well financed effort at ethnic cleansing.  The minority Sunni population has elements that want to kill all that is Shia.  And Shia wants to take out Sunni Islam.  If performance statistics are any indication, both sides are doing a bang up job.

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Our military is caught in the crossfire of all this.  The neo-cons that encouraged the United States into military misadventure in Iraq may have sought to impose an American style government and judiciary system into Iraq.  It has not happened yet.

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Here is a pop quiz.

The deadly conflict of Sunni and Shia has 1400 years of momentum. [Comparably the conflict of Christian and Islam is only 1100 years old and the conflict of Catholic and Protestant is about 600 years in duration.]  

There are in the neighborhood of 150 thousand peacekeeping American troops in Iraq.  

There are about 12 million Shi'ite in Iraq.  

There are about 4 million Sunni in Iraq.  

The problem:
What is the probability (expressed as a percentage) that the coalition of the willing can turn Iraq into a clone of Rhode Island?  How long will that take?

You do the math.

For extra credit - What can we do?

Here is my idea about what should be done in Iraq.  1) Hang Saddam first.  

  1. Then set in motion the partition of Iraq into Shia; Sunni and Kurd states.  

  2. Piss off or pay off the Turks.  

  3. Then, get the hell out of Iraq.

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And goodnight Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are.



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"1) Hang Saddam first.  

Then set in motion the partition of Iraq into Shia; Sunni and Kurd states.  

Piss off or pay off the Turks.  

Then, get the hell out of Iraq." =  Third world war! We all know that that's what americans want. You don't have to emphasize it again. But I don't know whether you are suggesting that Turkey will enter the scene and the enclaves are done. Nope! Can you only imagine who will take advantage of the split. Ohhh God stop the 15 million kurds living in Turkey! I know the answer thought! There will be an outragous war and US won't get even a drop of oil out of it. So we'll most likely have Iran, Syria, Israel, Russia, Europe in the war, and USA without oil=nothing! But we know that war is the most profitable business on the planet. So who will be making the money? Answer: Russian mafia:selling Angel Ks to the kurds!

by tnikolov on 11/29/2006 03:22:25 PM EST