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Last week in Charlotte, North Carolina those Americans paying attention and not hypnotized into robot status through Fox News saw another illustration that Karl Rove is far from the genius nonpareil that a subservient corporate media depicts.  

Concerned about his sharply dropping poll numbers, Rove decided to actually turn his puppet, the faux Texas cowboy, loose on a wide audience without the normally careful screening process that prevailed as established operational policy.

The result at a town meeting at Central Piedmont Community College was something that Rove should have anticipated.  Harry Taylor, a real estate broker, was someone who did not get the Fox message.  He stepped before a microphone and told the emperor to his face that he was devoid of clothes.  

Taylor revealed his shame over Washington leadership in the wake of preventive detention, the right to arrest and hold a citizen without even preferring charges indefinitely, along with the emperor's right to tap telephones without so much as a hint of a warrant issued by a magistrate.  

For good measure Taylor also added that he was appalled at being denied clean water and air in the rush to sate the appetites of corporate greed.

Emperors are not accustomed to being harangued by subjects.  The fact that Harry Taylor was on target and his facts irrefutable while Bush is the hallmark of inarticulateness while being notably unread and incurious made the confrontation all the more difficult.

"I'm not your favorite guy," Bush was quoted as responding.  "What's your question?"

The non-response response was all too typical of Bush.  While Taylor stated his case in the form of an accusatory declaration, it was in the framework of some important questions.  For one thing, do we have a functioning Bill of Rights anymore?  

Constitutional judges and scholars through American history, conservatives as well as liberals, have declared it to be illegal for government officials to engage in preventive detention and unlawful searches and seizures.

Yes, and there was also the fundamental question of public health.  Shall we have more respiratory diseases because the Cheney-Bush faithful corporate support network seeks a higher profit margin?  

The familiar Bush once more surfaced after the dodging was over and it was time to get serious about the important issues raised by Bush's Charlotte critic:

"I'm not going to apologize for what I did on the terrorist-surveillance program ... Would I apologize for that?  The answer is, absolutely not."  

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