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One may wonder why Iran won't completely concede to the olive branch Condi Rice extended (one may also ask why the Bush Administration did a 180 on their "don't talk to Iran" policy as well).

But if I was any official of importance or rank in Iran, I would look no further than to news of the Haditha killings. That would be reason enough for me.

Before America established herself as a world power, wars were more calculated and diplomatic. This was mainly because the grudge matches were between geographical neighbors (and in some cases, relatives). A disagreement over some land here, a dispute over a religious leader over there.

Enter America: now wars are way more political and philisophical. "Way of life" is a phrase often invoked as the rallying cry to battle. Every group not like us is labeled with one "ism" or another. The result is a para-xenophobic nation of people, and with a military might akin to the Roman gods see it as their "mission" to make the world a safer place.

Of course, "safer place" usually means the utter eradication of the enemy: men, women and children. But the public at large isn't exposed to this ugly side, not just yet. The incidents must come slowly -each one slightly more distasteful than the last- but always to a degree where the majority will either ignore it or validate it with "the is the price that must be paid for our ___."

What we have with the Haditha incident (and soon, I believe to be called a "massacre") is just another rung on a ladder heading towards complete detestation. Iraq's decision to conduct their on investigation, coupled with the Johnny-come-lately announcement of (finally?) getting ethics training to morally exhausted, emotionally fractured soldiers only highlights the growing list of things foriegn nations hate about America.

The world at large is tired of America. It is tired of America promising to bring democracy abroad, while so obviously making attempts to stifle it at home. The world is tired of America "liberating" only the nations that give her and economic and/or political advantage. The world is tired America of using foriegn policy in order to win elections.

Recently, some conservative who clearly lives in a world of ogres and unicorns insinuated that Iraq is safer than DC. Well, being someone who frequents the District on a regular basis, I can't recall anytime a bunch of stressed-out marines decided to open fire at passers-by. I certaintly don't remember seeing any military personnel breaking down doors of local citizens and then shooting them. Maybe I've just been visiting the "posh" side of town.

Nevetheless, America needs a makeover. Quick. And no amount of bubblegum solutions or fake speeches of concern or attacks on the messengers will contribute to that makeover. The first step should involve bringing a majority of the troops home to get their minds right.


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