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It's amazing how a presidential candidate coming from 20-30 points behind in all the polls, being up against two of the most popular figures in our nation's history, can end up getting within the margin of error or even beat those two historical figures, in a primary or caucus; but he's done it.  Barack Obama not only won in South Carolina, he won by a wide margin, something like 27 points.  He won in large part because of getting 81% of the black votes (male and female), but he also got a health three way share of the white men/women, all age voters.  In other words, he slaughtered Bill and Hillary Clinton in their (own) territory.

Barack won the caucus in Iowa.  In the New Hampshire and Nevada primary/caucus, Barack ended up with more delegates then Hillary, even though she won in those states.  Obama now has 63 delegates to Hillary's 48 and John Edwards's 26.  

Obama also won a larger portion of the Independent and republican voters in those States which shows he has crossover ability.

He's experienced months of `Republican' like attacks from two highly regarded members of his own Party (The Clinton's).  He's also gone up against the Democratic Party establishment, who's supporting Hillary.   He's heard flat out lies about his religion, his belief that the war in Iraq was wrong and his campaign being somewhat like a fairy tale.  Because he pointed out Reagan's ability to get a broad range of voters to his side, Democrats, Independents and Republicans, he was accused of somehow praising Reagan's Republican policies.

In other words, Barack Obama's faced the beginnings of a General Election and is still winning.

All during this unprecedented experience, Obama continues to believe we are not a blue State or a red State, a white or black nation or a Republican/Democrat/Indepen dent nation - we are One Nation.  We need to work together to solve the health, immigration, energy and environment issues.  He also strongly believes that we need to end the war in Iraq and bring our troops home, as safely and quickly as possible.  

In my opinion, the war is a success.  We've removed Saddam's regime and rebuilt Iraq's security and governmental forces.  It's time Iraqi's stood up and we stood down.

I wrote a year ago that I thought Barack Obama would be the best choice to heal America.  I continue to believe this.  

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