Why is Bush so eager to use torture? Email Print

President Bush recently vetoed legislation that would stop the CIA from using water-boarding and other harsh methods of interrogation because such methods "have a proven track record of keeping America safe."  

But evidence has been emerging over the last few years that members of the Bush administration repeatedly ignored CIA reports about Bin Laden's intentions before 9/11.  This information was gathered largely by "Clandestine, foreign government, and media reports ..." (Presidential Daily Brief, received by President Bush on August 6, 2001), not by torture.

Why is the Bush administration so eager to use torture when they have ignored valid and crucial information gathered without the use of torture?


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by brg88 on 08/17/2008 09:55:22 PM EST

Why is the Bush administration so eager to use torture when they have ignored valid and crucial information gathered without the use of torture?

Oyunlar | Oyun

by Oyun on 02/08/2009 01:53:33 PM EST

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