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Well, for those of us living in New York this has been, shall we say, an "interesting" week. I discuss the scandal surrounding Eliot Spitzer in some detail in this newsletter. In the end it just may be a good thing. Our new governor, Governor Paterson, is untested in many ways...and some consider him a bit weak. But I have a better feeling about him than I did about Spitzer when he was elected. But time will tell.

This week also has been horrible for our economy. Things are getting worse and worse and no end in sight. I am seriously concerned about the economic situation. But Bush has been "reassuring" America that the economy is just fine. This reminds me of his father telling us "Don't worry, be happy." Which, of course, led to the brilliant counter line, "It's the Economy, Stupid." Well, "It's the Economy Stupid" applies more than ever, as I write on Culture Kitchen. Halliburton, Exxon/Mobil, Shell Oil, Chevron etc. rake in record profits while you and I have trouble making ends meet...and Bush "reassures" us. Pardon me, but to Hell with that! This economy has sucked during the entirety of Bush's term, with this being the SECOND recession he has given us. And inflation has been a problem at the very same time. I am not reassured.

But change is coming. Whether our nominee is Clinton or Obama, I am eager to see a change. Either way we will see some of the nastiest attacks from the Republicans we have ever seen. Be prepared. And be prepared to fight it tooth and nail. They will be as sexist and/or racist as they need to be to win. They will lie, steal and cheat to win. We are poised to take the Senate solidly, win more House seats and take the White House. This week alone we won yet another House seat (in Illinois) and successfully defended a threatened seat (in Indiana). But they have more dirty tricks up their sleeves and we have to be ready for it.

This week also sees an expansion of the local Progressive Candidates I mention. Progressive Majority has already been running candidates in Arizona and Wisconsin, which I have included in my Arizon and Wisconsin pages. Now I add Progressive Majority candidates that are running in California and Pennsylvania. These candidates really deserve your support. They are excellent people and they are the next generation of politicians who will lead us.

Here is this week's newsletter:


HUGE WIN IN ILLINOIS: Dennis Hastert's seat turns blue


SOME PERSPECTIVE: Republican Pedophilia...Far Worse than Prostitution


CALIFORNIA FOCUS: Charlie Brown, Progressive Candidates, Alternative Energy, Groups and Events

NEW YORK FOCUS: Diane Benson, Peace Vigils, Groups and Events

VIRGINIA FOCUS: Impeachment, Groups and Events

ILLINOIS FOCUS: Alternative Energy, Groups and Events

NEW JERSEY FOCUS: Blue Jersey Radio, Impeachment, Peace Rallies, Groups and Events

TEXAS FOCUS: Rick Noriega, Alternative Energy, Groups and Events

ALASKA FOCUS: Groups and Events

MICHIGAN FOCUS: Groups and Events

IOWA FOCUS: Sustainable Agriculture, Alternative Energy, Groups and Events

ARIZONA FOCUS: Progressive Candidates, Groups and Events

WISCONSIN FOCUS: Progressive Candidates, Groups and Events

PENNSYLVANIA FOCUS: Progressive Candidates, Groups and Events

FLORIDA FOCUS: Peace Vigils, Groups and Events

GEORGIA FOCUS: Veterans for Peace, Groups and Events

NORTH CAROLINA: Peace Rallies, Groups and Events

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