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Justin Soutar

(NOTE: This article currently appears as the cover story in the inaugural issue of U. S. Politics [April 2008].)

It's interesting how the ups and downs of the US stock market appear to follow the ups and downs of Senator Hillary Clinton's precarious presidential campaign. Since first taking notice of this general pattern in mid-2007, I have observed it continue into 2008 with close to 90 percent accuracy. Most recently, in early March, Republican Senator John McCain's mere mention of tax cuts sent stocks tumbling. Why? Not because tax cuts are harmful to the economy--the opposite is true. No, the shareholders got worried because Americans desperately need tax cuts at this time. Thus McCain's popularity has increased of late, reducing Clinton's likelihood of winning the presidential election in November. Americans realize that neither Democratic presidential hopeful--Clinton or Senator Barack Obama--has ever mentioned the idea, and that neither would dare think of signing into law a bill that cut their taxes one penny.

But why does the stock market seem to mimic Hillary Clinton's fortunes? The answer is unsettling and not widely known. Mrs. Clinton is an old pawn of major business interests in this country. Few people are aware, for example, of her membership on the board of directors for Wal-Mart prior to 1992. The pharmaceutical industry is now struggling with dozens of recalls and lawsuits; Mrs. Clinton's universal compulsory federal health care plan would instantly revive it. The abortion industry is now failing; no doubt Mrs. Clinton would vastly increase public access to abortion. The private housing sector is on the ropes due to irresponsible lending; trust Mrs. Clinton to bail out the creditors by taxing hapless debtors. The petroleum industry is facing supply pressures overseas and the defense industry is losing demand; Mrs. Clinton could start a war against Iran (that President Bush could never get away with) to advance both interests. The computer industry depends on all the above; Mrs. Clinton depends on the computer industry to plant deliberately flawed voting machines (made compulsory by the deceptively named Help America Vote Act) in New Hampshire, Ohio and other states to flip Democratic vote totals from Barack Obama to herself.

In sum, the big businesses that run our economy have put their eggs in Mrs. Clinton's basket, so America's macroeconomic future depends on the future of her roller-coaster presidential campaign. This explains the "aura of inevitability" that keeps her running despite weighty negative factors such as the popularity of her rival Obama. However, a McCain presidency with tax cuts would be better for the average non-shareholding American.

Senator Clinton trusts in her connections, her lies, and her media propagandist power to get her popularity on the upswing just in time for crucial elections. But if American voters really knew about Clinton's past, they would retreat from her in horror.

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