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This statement was made by none other than John McCain, the Republican running for the Republican nomination for president.

Is history repeating itself?  From 1337 to 1453 historians in the "Encyclopedia of World History" provide details of this era of perpetual war, labeled the Hundred Years War.  

It began when Mohammed bin Tughlak, Sultan of Delhi, punished his subjects for threatening to revolt.  The Sultan forced Delhi residents to move south to Daulatabad, the Hundred Years War between England and France started with rumors a French fleet had been sighted that was preparing to leave for Scotland.

War continued all over Europe.  The Black Plague spread across Europe in 1348.  First it was in Florence, Italy in 1348 during April, spreading to France in June and to England in July.  Jews were blamed for spreading the Black Death by poisoning wells.

Jews are persecuted first at Chillon, then at Basel and Frieburg.  Jews were herded into buildings and burned alive.  At Strasbourg 2,000 Jews are hanged at the Jewish burial ground.  

Pope Clement VI declared Jews innocent of blame.  Jews by the thousands fled to Poland and Russia, where they were not persecuted.

In 1354, after an interruption of the 100 Year War due to the Black Death, England resumed its war with France.

Finally in 1453 the 100 Years War ends with England expelled from every part of France except Calais.  

King Henry VI had his first episode of insanity.  His Cousin Richard of York stands as regent on December 24, 1453.  

A year later Henry VI of England recovered from a bout of insanity and dismissed the Duke of York as his protector.  

So in glancing back at history and all the wars during the Hundred Years War, it is entirely possible there are those who are considering a war in perpetuity, certainly the Republican President Eisenhower gave the U.S. a winged warning, "Beware of the unwarranted influence of the military-industrial complex."

In 2008 the U.S.A. has a war defense budget greater than all the other nations combined.  When the war against Iraq was launched with false fears of nuclear war, declared by U.S. White House resident George Bush at his infamous State of the Union Message, in which the Congressional robots leaped to their fervent feet with war fever.  

They didn't allow time to investigate the 9/11 events, and the real reasons behind them, an investigation of how exactly the World Trade Center's strong structure collapsed.  Many theories abound concerning the entire event.

In the mad dash to go to war, diplomacy and time to search Iraq to determine if the frightful weapons of mass destruction existed or if the fear such weapons existed was only propaganda of war-crazed leadership once the truth got out, the Iraq War morphed instantly into delivering democracy.

The bad guy was Saddam Hussein, a convenient scapegoat, who had received every kind of weapon from 23 nations to quell any opposition.  By making sure his sentence and death were achieved swiftly, all the nations who supplied Dictator Saddam Hussein's killing sprees avoided censure and punishment.  

The myth of bringing freedom and democracy has been exposed almost daily on world wide TV news channels.  Killing of every description continues.  The Iraq War triggered the long-seething hatreds of Shiite and Sunnis to explode.  

With over 1 million Iraqis dead and 2 ½ million fleeing to Syria, Jordan and Iran, it is glaringly apparent the Iraq War has been a continuing colossal failure.  Over 4,000 U.S. service personnel are coming home in coffins and another 55,000 have been wounded.  

Some, especially in the mainstream media, claim that the Iraq War was a mistake.  

A mistake?  

No, the evidence is all too clear that the Bush war team manufactured its own evidence, particularly pertaining to the bogus "weapons of mass destruction" assertion, and invaded a sovereign nation on a tissue of lies in perpetuation of Empire and continued pursuit of the New World Order that Bush's father helped christen.

Bush in his press conference last week would only admit to the economy being  in a slow down state, but insisting that the U.S. is not on the edge of a recession.  If that is true, why has Congress voted to hand out money next May to get the economy moving?

Mortgages have reached Depression level and even Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke admits that some small banks, heavily into bad mortgages, might fail.  He even said that interest rates could dip further to help a faltering economy.

This triggers gas prices to go up because those who supply our gas don't want to lose money due to the weak dollar.  The U.S. spends more money on war materials (they call it conveniently defense) than all the other nations in the world combined.

Is all this to perpetuate a 100 year war for Empire building?  


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