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I tried to post this in the Code Blue section.  It disappeared.  I'm not sure why since I was not contacted about it.  I find that to be a bit disturbing.  It smacks of censorship.
These are desperate times which, as we all know, call for desperate measures.  I don't see or hear of anyone taking such measures.  This is my attempt to do so.
Please follow the link and sign the petition.  Forward the link to everyone you can.  If I can secure sufficient signatures I will hand deliver the petition to the United Nations.

Never before, in the history of our world, has there been a threat so grave or imminent as that which is now posed by the United States of America and the sociopaths that rule it.

There are only two exceptions to the ban on armed force stipulated in the Charter of the United Nations: self-defense against an armed attack and a definite decision on the part of the Security Council.  Neither of these provisions applies to the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq by the United States of America.  Such an attack, without a clear mandate from the United Nations Security Council, constitutes a flagrant violation of the prohibition of the use of force.  

The U.S.A. has further abused its position as a permanent member of the Security Council by disregarding Resolution 1441, which does not authorize force.  Without express allowance through a new resolution, the invasion of Iraq was an illegal act of aggression.  

America has also violated numerous Articles of the Geneva Conventions as well as many treaties that, under the Supremacy Clause of the United States Constitution, Article VI, Clause 2, are the supreme law of the land.  The breaking of these treaties constitutes further violation of international law.  

The goals and intentions plainly stated in The Project for the New American Century combined with blatant disregard of international law and utter contempt for the United Nations, its Bodies and Resolutions are ample cause to identify the United States of America as a clear and present danger to every sovereign nation on Earth.  

The push to Fascism in America funded by the rampant, global privatization of Free Market Capitalism is the direct cause of millions of deaths and threatens virtually the entire human race.  

Whereas the United States of America has with full knowledge and intent grossly violated the Charter of the United Nations and international law you are herein petitioned to declare it a rogue state and to impose such mandatory sanctions as deemed necessary to curtail its stated intent of subjugating all the nations of the world by military force.  

A Sanctions Committee of the United Nations Security Council will determine the number and nature of these sanctions.

The conditions for the lifting of the sanctions will be as follows:

George W. Bush, Richard Cheney, all members of the current United States Administration and Congress found to be complicit must appear before the World Court to stand trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Further, the United States must:

1.    Not be a permanent member of the Security Council until meeting these conditions.

2.    End all efforts, using eugenics, sterilization, genocide, forced abortion or any other method, at attempting to reduce the population of Earth to a single ethnic group, which the ruling elite imagines is superior.

3.    Install and maintain a fair and honest voting system with all candidates funded by public campaign financing.  Elections will be subject to international monitoring.

4.    Decommission and destroy its nuclear arsenal in accordance with the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty under monitoring of United Nations Weapons Inspectors.

5.    Immediately cease deployment and use of all depleted uranium munitions.

6.    Halt all acts of direct aggression or the support and furtherance thereof and reduce its military to a size appropriate to defensive purposes only.

7.    Stop conducting covert operations for the purpose of destabilization or overthrow of duly elected governments.

8.    Cease manipulation of the global economy and adopt a policy of Fair Trade with the other sovereign nations of the world.

9.    Overturn all court rulings and opinions granting rights to corporations as persons.

10.    Take immediate action to mitigate global climate change by converting to non-combustible, renewable energy sources.

11.    Decommission and dismantle all existing nuclear power plants and drop all plans for any further construction.

12.    Immediately establish and utilize a single payer health care system funded from reductions in military spending and corporate welfare.

The United States of America must meet these conditions or be isolated and contained through these sanctions imposed and upheld by the combined effort and cooperation of every sovereign nation on Earth.  

America has squandered its opportunity as world leader and assumed the mantle of world tyrant.  Failure to bring this rogue, fascist state under control will ultimately mean death to unthinkable numbers and unimaginable, irreparable destruction.


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