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This week I am once again candidate oriented. Somewhat coincidentally I focused this week mainly on women. There are some particularly great women running in Alaska, and locally in Wisconsin that I want to introduce you all to. And I continue to try and keep my focus on what's going on state by state as up to date as possible. Interestingly, Georgia, Virginia and Pennsylvania are now the three states after California and New York where I have the most readers. Pretty good diversity of readership I think. I keep thinking I should cut back on the states I try to cover, but next week I may be adding Ohio!

This week's newsletter below.

This last week was Passover and the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising in 1943. You can read about this event here.

Last week also saw some very promising numbers (fundraising and polls) for Democratic Senate races, particularly in Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Colorado and Virginia. If these numbers hold out, five Senate pickups are very possible. Oregon, Oklahoma, Alaska and Mississippi are less spectacular, but do indicate some good fights ahead. Nebraska isn't mentioned. All of these are endangered Republican seats. There are only two endangered Democratic seats, and only Louisiana looks even vaguely like the Republicans are able to raise money to defeat a Democrat this year. So it comes down to 5 seriously threatened and four or five possibly threatened Republican Senate seats and only one seriously threatened and one possibly threatened Democratic Senate seat.

We also saw some really amazing numbers coming in for fundraising for House races ALL over the nation, from Idaho to California to Virginia to Florida. Some of those amazing numbers were only amazing for the last quarter, and not overall (though if continued could decide the race). But in other cases we are way ahead overall.

If the trends continue, and we can't assume they will, 2008 will be another big year for Democrats. We may lose a couple of House seats, but we will probably pick up 5-10 more. I predict a net gain of at least 4-5 House seats and maybe more. We may lose a Senate seat but should pick up at least 2-5. I predict a one or two seat net gain in the Senate...maybe more. The Republicans are focusing most on the Presidential race. We will be fighting bigger money there, more smears, and latent or not so latent sexism or racism. I think we can win. But we have to work at it.

Here is this week's newsletter:



WINNING LOCALLY: Three Women for Wisconsin

WISCONSIN FOCUS: Progressive Candidates, Groups and Events

ALASKA FOCUS: Diane Benson, Groups and Events

GEORGIA FOCUS: Veterans for Peace, Groups and Events

NEW YORK STATE FOCUS: Steve Harrison, Jimmy Dahroug, Development, Groups and Events

CALIFORNIA FOCUS: Progressive Candidates, Alternative Energy, Groups and Events

NEW JERSEY FOCUS: Blue Jersey Radio, Impeachment, Groups and Events

VIRGINIA FOCUS: Tom Perriello, Impeachment, Groups and Events

TEXAS FOCUS: Alternative Energy, Rick Noriega, Groups and Events

PENNSYLVANIA  FOCUS: Progressive Candidates, Groups and Events

ILLINOIS FOCUS: Peace Vigils, Sustainable Living, Groups and Events

FLORIDA FOCUS: Peace Vigils, Groups and Events

IOWA FOCUS: Sustainable Agriculture, Alternative Energy, Groups and Events

NORTH CAROLINA FOCUS: Peace Vigils, Groups and Events

ARIZONA FOCUS: Progressive Candidates, Groups and Events

OREGON FOCUS: Groups and Events

MICHIGAN FOCUS: Groups and Events

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