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The floods in the Midwest have continued and I include some information where I can in the Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin sections. Best of luck to all readers in the hard hit areas.

This week I return to an issue I discussed before: Republican cronies litterally killing our troops with no government oversight. This week Democratic Sentor Bob Casey is demanding an investigation of the electrocutions due to bad wiring that have been plaguing our military bases managed by a Hallibruton subsidiary. More below.

I have also been highlighting more about local blogs, Congressional races and Obama events in the various states I cover. Things are looking quite good. Recent polls have shown Obama with leads in Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania and is neck and neck with McCain in Florida, Georgia (thanks to Bob Barr's candidacy...just like I've been predicting), Alaska (again, I have been saying Obama can make this competitive), North Carolina and Virginia. An early lead Obama seemed to have in Indiana has been fading, something that doesn't surprise me at all. It is still a long time before November, so much can change. But they have been throwing all they can at Obama and so far he has been doing better and better. Most of the electoraal vote measures I follow have Obama solidly ahead. In fact they show him over or near 300 electoral votes, just like Senator Chuck Schumer predicts. Personally I believe Indiana and Florida (by hook or by crook) will go McCain. But I do believe that Obama will win, quite possibly with more than 300 electoral votes and will win some states that Democrats haven't won for decades.

This week I also bring together two related issues: the separation of church and state and I address Bush vs. McCain from a Jewish perspective. There are so many lies put out by McCain and other Republicans that we have to keep reminding everyone of the truth.

Here is this week's newsletter:



SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE: Republicans vs. the Founding Fathers

OBAMA vs. McCAIN: The Jewish Perspective

VIRGINIA FOCUS: Obama, Veterans for Peace, Impeachment, Groups and Events

PENNSYLVANIA FOCUS: Blogs, Alternative Energy, Progressive Candidates, Groups and Events

TEXAS FOCUS: Blogs, Rick Noriega, Alternative Energy, Groups and Events

NEW YORK STATE FOCUS: Blogs, Progressive Candidates, Actions, Peace Vigils, Groups and Events

CALIFORNIA FOCUS: Blogs, Progressive Candidates, Alternative Energy, Groups and Events

WISCONSIN FOCUS: Dams, Blogs, Progressive Candidates, Groups and Events

IOWA FOCUS: Dams, Blogs, Peace Vigils, Groups and Events

ILLINOIS FOCUS: Dams, Peace Vigils, Alternative Energy, Groups and Events

NEW JERSEY FOCUS: Blogs, Blue Jersey Radio, Impeachment, Groups and Events

GEORGIA FOCUS: Obama, Veterans for Peace, NAACP, Groups and Events

NORTH CAROLINA FOCUS: Blogs, Kay Hagan, Larry Kissell, Groups and Events

FLORIDA FOCUS: Blogs, Obama, Christine Jennings, Joe Garcia, Groups and Events

OHIO FOCUS: Blogs, Obama, Progressive Candidates, Groups and Events

MICHIGAN FOCUS: Blogs, Obama, Mark Schauer, Gary Peters, Groups and Events

ARIZONA FOCUS: Progressive Candidates, Groups and Events

OREGON FOCUS: Blogs, Obama, Jeff Merkley, Neighborhood Leaders, Groups and Events

ALASKA FOCUS: Diane Benson, Mark Begich, Veterans for Peace, Groups and Events

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