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Alfred Brewer of Wichita, Kansas had no right to show up and vote in the primary in August. So says the GOP nominee for Secretary of State, Kris Kobach. That's because, Kobach has said, records show Brewer died in 1996. Kobach fears the voter rolls are rife with mistakes that will encourage voter fraud.

Reached Thursday at his home where he was raking leaves, Brewer, 78, was surprised some people thought he was dead.

"I don't think this is heaven, not when I'm raking leaves," he said.

The zombie voter would be a victim of 2 mixups, one a birthdate issue when Brewer originally registered decades ago with just "age" (in years) instead of DOB. Those legacy registrations produce a placeholder birth date of 1/1/1900 in the records. Second, Brewer has the same first and last name as his Dad, who died in 1996.

Question: why do the state Republican party officials want or need to purge eligible voters from the election rolls?

It's a strong sign that unless Republicans can shave the turnout percentage of voters, they don't win.

Update 2012:

As a reminder, check out the difference in turnout in 2010 /  41% -- versus in 2008 /  61.7% for the U.S. The differences by state are shown as well, below, across the two elections.

With a subdued turnout ratio overall, and state by state, Republicans can win. It's the route to power.

A minority majority.

Source of data for chart, obtained at:

  elections.gmu.e du/Turnout_2008G.html

  elections.gmu.e du/Turnout_2010G.html    

(Site by Prof. Michael McDonald, George Mason University)

The numbers plotted, by individual state for 2008 & 2010, are the election turnout as percent of eligible voting population.  Note - the chart was produced before the latest update of figures at McDonald's site, there may be some very slight variation in the update.


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