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As I'm sure those who may be reading this now know, new accusations years old have surfaced in the latest attempt to shut up Al Gore. And I say that because it looks so obvious based on the timing, and because of the response it is getting from the usual suspects who always froth at the mouth just at the mention of his name.

I won't recount all of the sordid details of this accusation. There are plenty of places on the Internet you can read about it to satisfy your appetite sexually or otherwise. However, I will say this: I did read much of the police report this "professional" message therapist gave to police and found it simply unbelievable. Her statements in her police report ring of political revenge. Trashing his global warming work? Making references to voting for him?

I personally believe she may have been a plant sent to entrap Mr. Gore to get him to do something unseemly, didn't get what she wanted or hoped for, and then sought to get more the other way. If you have been paying attention to the actual work he has been doing instead of the rumors that explanation becomes much more palatable. There are without a doubt certain interests that would like nothing better than to see the man fall due to character assassination because they think that would somehow disprove the facts surrounding global warming and their effects being exacerbated by human behavior. The timeline of this alleged incident was just when he was going strong with his climate presentations that were getting huge crowds. His movie, An Inconvenient Truth had just opened four months earlier and people were beginning to understand the importance of this crisis. You honestly think he is going to ruin all of that? His work is his life and getting out the truth about this crisis his mission.

But of course, the accusation definitely wouldn't have flown then because he was married and his marital credentials were sound. With a separation that could be skewed to whatever people think may have caused it, it becomes much more believable to those who automatically want to believe it because they just don't like him, or don't believe in global warming, or just don't like Democrats, or are just jealous of his success, are members of the media with a grudge, or whatever reason validates these accusations in their own mind. And now with the ecological disaster in the Gulf bringing on louder calls for a climate bill that Mr. Gore has been a central voice in advocating shutting him up is even more imperative.

I have been supporting and writing about the events in this man's life for about 18 years. He is an honorable man who loves his family and is passionate about his work. I personally find the predisposition of many to simply conclude he would do this to another woman to be totally unfair. And the fact that the police report was  made public on the Internet to embarrass him and his family after it was already announced by law enforcement that there was no evidence to even charge him shows what this is really all about. The media has not been innocent in the character assassination of Al Gore. It has made him a target for years. Remember 2000? I think before one commits themself to simply condemning the man especially based on the circumstances they need to look at the history.

To me this points to a well "oiled" character smear to attempt to shut up the one person who has made the greatest strides in making people aware of a crisis that these certain interests would rather see shoved under the rug to preserve their own profits. Hopefully, if any investigating is done it will be as to what or who may be behind this spate of accusations and bad press and its timing. It is suspicious to say the least.

Edit 6/30/10

I notice this is completely gone from the Internet but yet other trashy Al Gore news entered the same day as this entry is still there. Interesting. And I also had another thought. At the time of this allegation there was also much speculation that he would run for president in 2008. As a matter of fact draft groups and others were doing nothing but speculating he would. I wonder if that too was tied somehow to some group wanting to sully his character in case he decided to run...then it was called off when he didn't, and now dusted off to suit the current situation.

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