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Al Gore was correct when he stated we needed a climate movement in this country. And after watching what took place in Washington DC yesterday, I am convinced we need it now more than ever.

Yesterday marked the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr's, "I Have A Dream Speech." But that wasn't really what concerned those gathering in Washington Dc. What concerned them is that they were seemingly for the most part angry white Conservatives looking to even the score for what they see as being stuck with a black "socialist" president (that based on their own protest signs at events.) That is my view based on my observations and their own words as the crux of this so called rally put together by Fox and their poster child for dramatics Glenn Beck, figuratively wrapped in a flag and holding a cross who begged us to go back to God. (He obviously is unaware that while the Founding Fathers were Deists, they were against the intermingling of church and state and saw religion as personal not political.)

If you have any sort of knowledge of him, you will know that he is clearly an entertainer out to make money from his antics. And yet, Conservatives (and I use that word loosely because today's bitter Conservatives are nothing like the real Conservatives of years ago) in droves flocked to hear him in an attempt to regain something they never had in the first place: honor. A group of people who supported stolen elections, illegal wars, wiretapping, torture, and the slow and steady degradation of the very constitution they claim to hold so very dear to their hearts... all while secretly fuming at those who they think have gotten all the breaks over them since the Civil Rights Act was passed.

So they showed up in DC to use our military (you know, the military they support so much as they watch them being sent to a war for oil while yelling Drill Baby Drill instead of supporting clean energy to stop those wars) with the secret corporate backing they got to spread their subtle message at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial where MLK jr. stood all those years ago to truly speak of justice, peace, and equality. Imagine that then we got him, now we get Sarah Palin daring to stand on those steps on the same day after just supporting the N word being shouted on Dr. Laura's radio rant, trying to make us believe she has a connection at all to the Civil Rights Movement. We truly have gone through the looking glass.

Now, I found their rally to be insincere and a clear slap in the face to the many Americans who suffered the inhumanities that come with standing up for what you believe in. And yet, this is America, a country where even one who makes your blood boil and your stomach turn has the right to spout their hatred and hidden political motives wrapped in a Bible and exclusivity, which is what makes it such a great country... because we have the right as well to counter it.

So I got to thinking; if Glenn Beck and his brigade of Grisly Mamas and those holding grudges could invade Washington DC under the guise of God, why can't I as a citizen get a permit and march up the stairs of the Lincoln Memorial to talk about something that truly is urgent and important to all, especially if you claim to be of God: the continued sustainability of our planet and our species. That is truly the stuff of what a moral movement is about.

So it's all settled. I am going to apply for a permit for a climate march up Pennsylvania Avenue to the stairs of the Lincoln Memorial to announce the start of the Climate Changers Movement. And the time will be spent actually disseminating information to inform and educate people about the dangers of climate change noting the real science that backs it up (and not what you hear from weathermen on Fox TV shows,) and what we and our Congress must do to provide a future for our children and ourselves. Now I'm sure these same Conservatives would show up to that one, right? I mean after all, it is about social equality, peace, and supporting our military because clean energy gets us off the oil that kills them in the Middle Eastern sands. Right?

Al Gore mentioned just a couple of weeks ago that this is the movement we need, and I agree wholeheartedly. However, it seems that people are either afraid to really move on this or aren't being heard and we don't have time to lose. So then we will have to fight fire with fire. We then need to get permit after permit after permit and continue to march, and speak, and show, and warn, and repeat, repeat, repeat the message just like they do, because this is the message they are not hearing and need to hear. And I'm serious about this and am ready to take it on. So Mr. Gore if you read this, I'm here! You have inspired me.

I will write more after I know more about the planning for this, because as a citizen of this country and of the world and seeing where it is heading I can no longer abide the airwaves being taken over by inconsiderate, hypocritical, apathetic, selfish people whose only concern is their own lives and political party over the whole. And that is all we have been getting 24/7 on our airwaves and on the Internet. It is time to change the station and for the serious people telling truth to be heard.

We must move this country forward to seeing what every other country sees: that the climate crisis is a clear and present danger and threat to our health, our safety, our democracy, and our very lives and has no political, social, religious, economic, or sexual preference. The environment is what makes our lives liveable and without it those who stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial who have also trashed the fact that humans actually have an impact on their planet will see their words come back to them in ways they couldn't have imagined.

So what better way to do so than by exercising my right as well to freedom of speech, assembly, and expression, and for a cause that I would be willing to sacrifice for beyond just standing at a lecturn. It sure will beat the caricature dramatics we have seen of late that have distracted from these very important issues we must discuss to secure a clean safe future for our children.

No religion, no politics, no labels, no soundbites. Just humans of all beliefs joined together speaking out for the continued survival of our planet in order to secure the moral solutions that will save ourselves and those to come. Now that would be a movement to be remembered. And we the people can make it happen.

Addendum: And after seeing what this rally was really all about, how can those who espouse God care so little for the planet they believe he created? Answer: it's just politics.


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