GOP Clown College Strategy: Blame Obama for Republican Failures Email Print

It's a tired theme. Take the massive heap of Republican failures and affix them firmly to the top of Obama's head. Draw a big, fat target, and take aim.

Puh - lease.

Now, I expect Republicans to run with this nonsense. They've got nothing else. But as for you Democrats and Independents... Really? Are you going to fall for that?

Don't accept their nonsense. Stand up for yourself. For your ideology. For your president.

When someone asks you how Obama could possibly have the nerve to create such huge deficits in such tough times, please remind them that the historic budget surplus left by Clinton was unapologetically morphed into an ungodly deficit by G. W. Bush thanks in large part to a war based on lies and multiple tax cuts to the richest of the rich.

When morons like chairman of the Republican National Committee Michael Steel say stupid crap like "Iraq and Afghanistan are Obama's wars", stand up and make it clear that these tactically disastrous wars were begun nearly a decade ago by Bush while Obama was a firm opponent of the disingenuous, strategically disastrous invasion of Iraq.

And when idiots like Jim Hoft post crap titled, "It's Official... Obama Loses More Jobs In One Year Than Any President", be sure to rip into him and tell everyone the real story about job loss and creation over the past several years using this handy graph. It clearly shows that the accelerating loss of jobs (during the Bush administration in red) was halted and allowed to recover only after Obama came into office (in Blue).

And if that same shameless windbag insists that Obama's stimulus bill was a failure, correct him as impolitely as possible by throwing this in his face.

The Los Angeles Times notes that Mark Zandi, "chief economist at Moody's Analytics, said it was noteworthy" that the National Bureau of Economic Research announced that recession had ended in "June, as it was during that month that the spending from the Recovery Act stimulus was at its maximum." Said Zandi, "One conclusion is that the stimulus played an important role in bringing the recession to an end."


Be prepared for retorts of "Is that all you can offer? Blame it on Bush?" or "That was the past. This is now." As if it wasn't Bush's fault or as if the past doesn't matter.

Just stick to your guns and don't give them an inch. Not one inch.


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