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The IBD-TIPP poll now has an even national race (O +0.7), and reports "Obama holding a slender 46.7% to 46.0% edge over Romney" (Likely voters).

* Obama's slight edge, which has emerged in the last 3 days, has in large part been built on a drop in independent support for Romney

On the front page of Investor's Business Daily:

"IBD/TIPP Poll: Obama Up 0.7 Point For 3rd Day"

It is a turn from what had been a 5-point lead for Romney in the IBD/TIPP poll release three days earlier, and from a 2-point lead for Romney four days earlier.

Yesterday's release of reults for IBD/TIPP was similar:

Day 5: Oct. 13, 2012

Obama: +0.7

Obama 46.4% | Romney 45.7%

In a further sign of a tight presidential race, the results remained unchanged in our most recent sounding of likely voters.

The bounce that took place immediately after Romney's strong performance in the debate with Obama seems to have diminished.

You'll have trouble finding any of the 3 days of poll releases posted at the usual suspect places (the wires, politico, networks etc.).

Here is today's update.

On the TIPP website, the breakdown shows:

Day 6.  October 14, 2012

                  Obama    Romney    Not sure    Refused

                        47%           46%        6%             2%

Northeast    54% ;       38% ;       7% ;          1%

Midwest       44%         49%          3%            5%

South           45%          52%          3%            1%

West             48%          39%        11%            2%

Polling period: 10/8 - 10/13

Margin of Error: +/- 3.5%

It's Obama drawing pretty solid regional leads in the West and NE, Romney is strongly ahead in the South, and it's closer in the midWest.


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