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Let's face facts. When the votes were counted in November 2012, Democrats running for the House collected 1.7 million more votes than Republicans. For Democratic members, the ballots totaled 60.2 million and for Republican members, 58.5 million. (see link, pdf pg 15)

So it's fair to ask: is John Boehner of Ohio a SPINO, a Speaker in Name only?

The House majority from 2012 was manufactured almost entirely from the gerrymanders rammed through statehouses in 2010 that sent more R's than D's to the Capitol to take seats in the House of Representatives, 234-201.

The House is supposed to be proportional representation. It's not.

Vote counts by party for House of Representatives, 2012

HR result  

The balance of power in the House matters most at a moment of faceoff like we face today, when the House is holding hostage the funding of all of government, in hope of torpedoing Obamacare.

You can see the lopsided outcome of the November election results from the individual states, where the delegation doesn't represent the vote tally from the state.

In North Carolina, 9R and 4D were sent to Washington for the House, but the votes were 51% for the Democratic candidates for House and 49% for the Republican candidates. Without rounding the numbers were: 50.6% for D and 48.7% for R, and 0.7% for other parties.

North Carolina party proportion vote for House

The misrepresentation in Pennsylvania is as acute.

Dems outvote Rs for Pa Congress

13 Nov 2012

"Republicans took 13 of the state's 18 congressional seats last week, despite being outvoted by Democrats by more than 75,000. They did it through expert redistricting that protected Republican candidates while packing Democratic votes into 3 districts in SE Pa and one here in Pittsburgh."

Pennsylvania party proportion vote for House

In Michigan also, the skewed apportionment is blatant, undeniable. The vote proportion shown below got flipped and translated to a delegation to the House of 9 Republicans and 5 Democrats.

Michigan party proportion vote for House

The justification for Speaker Boehner to discard legislation that could win passage by Democrats and Republicans voting together – in favor of bills that win favor of "a majority of the majority" – is a false one.

The so-called Hastert rule of vote counting always had a moral weakness. In fact, it is a full-blown sham.

A disgrace to governing as well.


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