Early Vote (now!) in North Carolina. Here's handy county Location list, map and Hours. Email Print

Early voting started Thursday. Bank your vote ahead at one of the vote centers in your county – so you don't get caught up in the "precinct shuffle" (disqualifying shenanigans) that can happen on Election Day.

Click below to see link to interactive map, with hours.


List with hours, and map [click, then scroll down the page for printed list]  >> ---here---

The printed list is organized by county, and the order is semi-alphabetical, not fully alphabetized. (Some Brunswick and Mecklenburg come lower than Yancy, at the bottom, for example).

During early voting, you can vote at ANY early vote center in your county. This is an advantage: it can be better than on Election Day, where if election officials switch or move your precinct assignment (sometimes there are different precincts at different tables in the same building for voting), they will disqualify your vote for voting in the "wrong precinct".

So I recommend early voting.


1 thing you need to know.

ID:  It's not needed in 2014. But poll worker in 2014 will ask about it anyway.

In 2014, the poll worker will ask you for ID, but this year you can say, I didn't bring ID, and you can vote anyway in 2014. This is important!  So know the rules, and the bureaucratic procedure you'll encounter!


Voters who tell the precinct official in 2014 and 2015 that they don't have one of these IDs will be asked to sign a declaration, but they may refuse; they do not need to answer the question about having an ID or sign the declaration in order to vote. Election officials will help a voter who signs the declaration obtain the proper ID by 2016.

So the poll worker will likely engage you and show you valid forms of ID (will be needed for 2016); this is the way the rules in N.C. are written now for 2014.

Note also, the rules everywhere are generally a little stricter for a first-time voter for ID. However, as long you had already supplied an identifying number when you registered, then you probably still don't need an ID.  Details >   here .

News summary here .


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