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The reason every vote counts, even yours, is that several races are much tighter than some reporting tells you, so the Senate majority will be at stake. (Today, Chuck Todd said, "Republicans in Iowa are starting to worry". That's because the turnout #s and last week's early voting so far are not reassuring to GOP, as they cannibalized their Election Day voters, just to gin up the EV #s.)  Another state, Alaska also has had mixed polling signals, and has reported EV#s encouraging to Dems, a possible boost in a surprising state.

IOWA polls are open to 9:00.

If you're young or you're old, and not yet registered - note that any Iowa potential voter can register and vote even on Election Day. If you reside in Iowa and are a US citizen you need to select from one of these documents in order to Register:   - a photo ID that is current and contains an expiration date that is either:

  an out-of-state driver's license or non-driver card (for proof of identity),

or an Iowa driver's license,

or student ID from an Iowa high school or Iowa college,

or employer ID card,
US military card,
or US passport.

If the document above does not show your current Iowa address then you can use one of these documents to prove your address in Iowa: cell phone bill or utility bill, residential lease, bank statement, paycheck, government check or other government document.

If you don't have these documents to demonstrate your identity / residency, another registered voter from your precinct can attest for you.  You and the attester will both sign written oaths to accomplish this.

Polls stay open TIL  9 pm, in IOWA

Find your voting location here, since you need to vote at your precinct location.

Iowa State Univerity [ ISU ] voting location info linked here.

According to Secretary of State's site, and news stories reporting, to register, a resident of Iowa needs to bring
voters will need to bring a picture I.D. and proof of residence, if the I.D. lacks a current address.

"That could be a residential lease, utility statement, a paycheck, a government check or some other government document," says McElhaney. "If you have any questions about whether the information you're going to bring to the polls is acceptable, you can always contact your county auditor."

Additionally, if registering voters can't prove where they live with documentation, they can ask a registered voter from their precinct to attest to their residency.  Both people, the registering voter and the attester, will be required to sign an oath.

Also summarized here.

COLORADO.  Open until 7:00 pm

You can drop off your mail-in ballot one of the "drop-off" locations in your county, found at this map search site.

Note - if it is FIRST TIME for you ever voting by mail in Colorado, note the ID requirement; you will need to enclose a copy of an identifying document. Note that not all of the document choices need to be a photo ID like in some other states (for example, Texas).

A lot of documents can qualify for identification for Colorado, including a recent phone bill, utility bill, or paycheck with your address, a valid Medicaid or Medicare card, or Colorado college document with your address. To use a college student ID, it should be a photo ID.

You can register to vote on the same day, at one of the voter service centers (select Voter Service Center).

You will need to present document identification showing your residential address to register.


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