1-acre 1-vote president. This map shows wasted millions of votes, by state. Email Print

It's important to see – visually – how millions of votes got zero'ed out across each state in the election count from November. The maps below, some images subdivided by region, give the numbers of voters whose vote were negated by the electoral college.

First here is the image of Southern states, where 4,500,000 Democratic votes in Florida and 3,900,000 Democratic votes in Texas counted for naught, zilch, in awarding 29 electoral votes (EV) from FL and awarding 38 EV from Texas.


It's because the states use a winner-take-all scheme to assign the EV. So in Florida, instead of awarding 14 to HRC/Kaine and 15 to DJT/Pence, it gives 29 to DJT and zero to HRC.

In the map, each dot represents 100,000 votes, blue for Clinton/Kaine, red for Trump/Pence. In any state, the party (color dot) that does not get the greater # of votes is counted for zero in the Electoral College, whether the difference is whisker-close or gaping.

Here's the regional map of the Southern states, in larger view.

Similarly, in Maryland 900,000 R votes were wasted, and in Virginia 1,800,000 R votes were wasted.

These maps build on one constructed by David Gotz, a professor of Information Science at the Univ. of North Carolina.  The popular vote map Gotz constructed is at the bottom of his web page.

From the West coast, here is where Republican votes were wasted:

So, in Washington 1,200,000 R votes wasted, in California, 4,400,000 R votes, and in Oregon (not annotated) 780,000 R votes were wasted.

And here below, the map for Midwest and Northeastern states, shows where the famed so-called blue wall was breached across Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

In Michigan,  DJT received 10,700 more votes than HRC (2,279,000 vs 2,268,000). The EV for Mich:  0 for Clinton / Kaine, and 16 for Trump / Pence.

And here is the entire country map.

If the map here is compressed, you can click here to get to the wider image.  Then in some browsers, clicking a 2nd time expands it further for fullest view. The map is adapted from the one created by David Gotz. I added the print annotations of wasted vote counts, and I added the colored shading of states to represent which team won the EV for the state.

The number counts I see are from the NY Times, updated Feb. 10.  Using the NY Times red-blue map, you can hover over any state on the NY Times map to see the popular vote count breakout in that state.  Note that where the NY Times is more up to date than the initial November count used in the David Gotz map, I have added the dot as more votes came in. So for example, in Colorado, added the blue dots to represent the reported Democratic vote of 1,338,870 for Clinton/Kaine.

Here's the upshot of this map:  When you add up the counts by actual voters, and the votes wasted, it's easy to see how the Trump/Pence ticket won the ACRES, across a multitude of counties, but Trump/Pence did not win the VOTERS.

It's how Clinton/Kaine garnered 2.8 million more votes than Trump/Pence.  The popular vote count is 65,853,625 for Clinton/Kaine and 62,985,106 for Trump/Pence.  That is, doing the math, Clinton won 4.5% more voters than Trump.

If you break down the percentages of the popular vote to sum to 100% – including Gary Johnson, Evan McMullin, Jill Stein, write-ins and other, which together summed to 6% of the electorate -- then Clinton/Kaine had 48% of the popular vote and Trump/Pence had 46%.

Trump is the 1-acre – 1-vote president.


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